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                                               Customer Service
                                               Planned Change
                                               Business Writing
  Making the Transition to Supervisor
  Leadership and Motivation

Courses are taught by experienced speakers, including Dwayne Roecker, former  Houston sales manager for one of the nation's largest payroll providers, leads  innovative and enlightening classes on sales strategy and techniques.  He recently served as the Sales Manager for a new payroll company in Houston which acquired 150 client companies in only two and a half years.  A proven and insigtful teacher on the sales process, Mr. Roecker is available to instruct on a one-time basis or via multiple lessons.

Curtis Mosley, M.A., a successful entrepreneur and author, has 15 years experience as a college instructor, and has trained the business faculty of Belhaven University's Houston campus in teamwork.  Curtis blends theory and realism in his courses on customer service, organizational behavior, management, and business writing.

Jim Savage with extensive experience training outside salesmen at the Fortune 500 level, provides practical information that your personnel can apply immediately.  He speaks with knowledge gained from many years on the team of America's most famous sales trainer and motivational speaker.

Gary Piercy, PhD, a university professor and former business owner with extensive leadership experience in:
Organizational Training          Recruitment            Organizational Behavior (OB)       Communications
Turnaround Management      Team Building         Organizational Change (OD)         Leadership Development

Curtis Mosley re-energized our international sales force in only two hours.
His straightforward and clear approach impacted our salesmen in a powerful way.
It was the best training we have ever had.

- Hillary LaManna, Human Resources Director
  International Logging, Inc.